Large MySQL Database Hosting

If our normal service doesn’t meet your requirements then we can also help.  Our free and paid service is ideal for small to medium size databases but if you require something a little more special then read on.


We specialise in database hosting and can provide custom and enterprise solutions for almost any role.  Our solutions are fully managed with regular updates and backups to give you a high performance database solution and peace of mind.

  • Fully managed
  • High connection capacity
  • For hosting databases above 500MB
  • Technical insights
  • Regular backups
  • Global data centres
  • Performance tweaks and optimisation
  • 24 hour monitoring
  • Fully scalable
  • Future proof

With our solution every aspect of the MySQL engine can be tweaked to provide you with an optimised database customised for your needs.

High connection capacity

MySQL uses connections to establish communication between the database and clients.  These can often run out with connection hungry applications.  Our solution can be built with this in mind, solving a common problem with busy databases and high traffic.

Global data centre network

Our network of global data centres will place our solution to the nearest physical location and limiting any network lag seen when using a database hosted in another region.

Technical insights

The managed solution doesn’t just include the maintenance.  We also provide technical insights into your database and suggest improvements for better performance.

Fully scalable

If over time your needs change we can easily scale your solution up or down depending on your requirements.  Space, CPU and RAM can be adapted at any time so you have exactly what you need.

Security review

Your security risks will be reviewed and database users, privileges and firewall rules will be setup to provide you with a secure and usable solution.

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